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Fell Igel

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Über der Fell Igel


The Fell Igel loves Cats. Check out our video below about the Cat pillow and the Fell Igel.


Stiff dog hairs are not a match for the Fell Igel. Watch our demonstration on Jack Russell Hairs!


Cats, Dogs, Mice & Wives, the Fell Igel can clean up any and all hairs.

Our Videos

We have used our Fell Igel for years now and still love it to this day. We have two long haired cats which can be a real mess. We use our Fell Igel to clean their pillows, cat trees and our jackets.
Well we also have two dogs. Only one is hairy and needs to be cleaned up after every once in a while, but our neighbor has a Jack Russell and he is a real mess. The hairs are so tough and stiff that they are a real challenge for any tool to clean up. It requires a little more effort but the Fell Igel can still do it.
I personally have a Fell Igel in my office too. I can't stand going into a meeting with a hairy jacket, so I just brush off real quick. My wife keeps one in her car since the dogs are always taking a ride.

No matter your use and no matter where, the Fell Igel is pretty handy to keep around. Being so durable you do not have any parts to replace and nothing else to buy. It is not like those window cleaner brushes or those tape wheels that need replacing. You buy it once a forget about it.


Important Features

Some extra Love from us

Your Fell Igel Tierhaarentferner has many nice features.

  • 100% Gummi
  • Der Fell Igel entfernt auch das schwerigste Tierhaar.
  • Kid Safe
  • Enterfernen Sie Tierhaare von Couch, Kissen, Decken, Katzenbäume, etc...
  • so soft, das er für empfindliche Materialen geeignet ist
  • Spülmaschinen geeignet
  • Halten Sie Ihre Autositze mit dem Fell Igel sauber

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